Your Business

Your Business

Do you need a crash course on Social Media, or the business of music? Perhaps you’ve scooped a meeting with a record label. We’ll prepare you for this meeting and ensure you’re confident and ready for anything. Have you been given a slot at a showcase with industry pro’s attending? You need touring pro musicians to review your show and help with stage craft. On short order we’ll prepare you for the milestone events that will elevate your career and help you turn pro.

This program comprises 3 days. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is an intensive program designed to get Artists to a specific milestone on extremely short order.

At the kick off you’ll meet the crew and the coaches. We’ll answer questions, talk about these next intensive three days, get familiar with each other, and discuss your needs. You must come prepared. Your priorities are extremely critical. Be prepared to tell us exactly what you need to focus on. One song needs work, or you need preproduction and preparation for a recording session or live show. You have a showcase next week and your stagecraft needs work. The Three Day/10 Hour program is designed to focus right in on one critical milestone.

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Song and/or Stage Craft Performance Analysis
The first night is spent zero’ing in on the agenda for each band. Bands may want to focus on one song that will be an upcoming single release, and still needs work with pro level feedback. Bands might be preparing for an upcoming showcase or could be in preproduction for an EP release. Coaches assist in creating the agenda, and tailoring the weekend to ensure maximum benefit. The weekend is spent preparing for the Performance, live off the floor as the other bands watch. Each band gets private rehearsal studios, beverages on ice and snacks. Meals are not included.


Intensive Live Workshop

Lunch Break

Song Writing or Band Sound Signature Development


PR/Business Of Music Workshop

Lunch Break

Song and/or Stage Craft Workshop