Professional Services

Trust and confidence are number one. Videography, Photography, FOH Services… It’s extremely hard to find professionals you know will do a fabulous job and who you can trust. Over many years we’ve developed relationships with professionals we know you’ll be happy with.

These are our Professional Services. Pick any of them and you can rest assured the delivery will be 100% fabulous… Every time. Click here to connect with us and ask as many questions as you like.

We have a very different approach to artist management. Our experience is rooted in non-music industry promotion, opportunity development, and strategy development. We have more than ten years in music experience development and marketing. We see things a little differently, and we tend to find opportunity where others normally wouldn’t. We’re hands on, and not afraid of the grind. If you need an unorthodox, savvy approach to your management requirements, just ask.

Preparation is key to any successful show. Do you know how to prepare? Have you taken the time to plan and prepare? Do you have a professional who can provide unbiased opinions and who will be honest with you?

Do you want a professional Sound Tech who knows your material? Does the Venue Provided Sound Tech actually care about your show and your music? Wouldn’t it be great to have a Sound Tech who actually knows what you need, when you need it, and who actually cares how you sound?

What you say to the media, how you position your show and your band, and being prepared before you do an interview is key to your success. You need to be well-prepared and you need to know how to approach the media. You need someone who’s unbiased and who’s been there before to help you develop your story, help create angles and who knows how to contact the right media for your particular story.

Do you have a photographer and/or a videographer who you can trust? Someone who’s not the brother of your best friend who does it cheap and then loses all the footage because the hard drive died. Today, everyone thinks they can deliver videography and photography on the cheap. It’s crucial you get it right the first time. You only have one shot when you hire someone to capture those moments and it’s got to be well done.

Same as the above statement for Photography and Videography. Get a professional at a reasonable rate and make sure they’re accountable and will deliver great work, on time.

We have great partners for duplication. We can ensure inexpensive, timely delivery.

Click here to connect with us and feel free to ask as many questions as you wish.