Breaking Brand with Transmedia

By: David Larocque 

Transmedia or ‘Transmedia Storytelling’ is, straight up, anything that a person, place or thing will use to advertise themselves that’s not traditional to their own format or medium.

For example, remember the “Save Walter White?” website from Breaking Bad? Of course you do, because other than Breaking Bad being the best fucking TV show in the past 100 years, that bit was gold!

But, did you know the site was REAL? →

Well of course you did (hopefully) because you’re the show’s biggest fan and you knew everything about it (otherwise we can’t be friends). Anyway, this site is considered transmedia. Get it?

Go ahead, hit up Google and do some research yourself! You’d be surprised how many of your favourite shows are utilizing transmedia.

“But I already waste enough time online, so why would I waste more time on transmedia?” I hear you ask in your ‘first-world-problem’ voice.

Usually, there are real writers and directors collaborating with advertisers and marketers, who are putting in great effort to get you to buy up the universe of a movie or show. Now we’re not saying you should enjoy transmedia out of pity, but most times it’s a way for you to get additional, high quality entertainment for free.

More over, this is an emerging and powerful way to market media, and is a new aspect of doing business that filmmakers, marketers and entrepreneurs should be addressing. It’s just as valuable as connecting with your audience using more familiar social media, such as Twitter or Facebook.

Speaking of promotion…

The Media Arts students (and students from the upcoming bachelor of Film and Television) are required to create transmedia components for their films (sometimes they need help funding them) and they want you to know that once they’re launched, you’ll be able to watch them for free and share them online.

So, here’s what we’re asking, come back this fall when we’ll be showcasing actual transmedia from films being done at Sheridan!

Sheridan filmmakers are looking for your support of their films, and in return, they’ll give you some free entertainment!

(Yeah, bitch!)

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