As the music industry evolves, Labels, Booking Agents and other organizations need Artists to be further along in their development in order to build audiences and get deeper traction faster. The economics have changed and the artist development curve is far shorter.

We help musicians achieve realistic goals.

For eleven years Terry Moshenberg, the League Of Rock’s founder, and a team of professional musicians, writers, producers and industry pro’s have been helping musicians go from “zero to well-prepared” with a unique “circuit-based” approach.

Under this new Circuit banner, Terry has tailored and customized a well-proven program to help musicians make the leap to pro careers.

The Circuit is used by Labels, Booking Agents, Promoters, Publishers, and Independent Musicians.

When organizations get behind an Artist, there is often a need for fine tuning. We help solo artists, duos, trios and full bands reach their potential on short order.

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The team comprises industry professionals who’ve had success at all levels both inside and outside the music industry.

The approach is extremely tactical. We see each artist as an individual, and we focus right in on what will help you hit realistic milestones.

We know how to identify niches and we target opportunity in ways most people wouldn’t.

Our program is a next level improvement on the League Of Rock’s well-known and loved 10 Week Circuit. The League Of Rock pioneered the Circuit-Based Artist Development Program. We benefit from the LOR’s more than 10 years of success.

We’ve tightly tailored our Programs for professional musicians who need tactical and focused assistance to ensure they achieve specific milestones.

If you’re seeking smart, progressive Artist Management, feel free to specify this in your communications with us. We’d be more than pleased to provide our savvy approach to artist management upon request.

To connect with us, feel free to call or email any time. We’ll likely answer the phone when you call and we’ll reply to email within 2 hours.

Telephone: 416.908.5284
Toll Free: 888.966.0821
Email: info@thecircuit.ca