The Circuit CRASH

(Friday Evening to Sunday Evening)

At the kick off event, bands meet the crew and the coaches for the first time. The crew lays down the ground rules, the coaches talk shop and answer questions, and everyone enjoys an immersive night of music exploration. We talk about these next intensive two and half days, get familiar and discuss music business strategies, live performance, stage craft and recording. This is an intensive weekend. Bands are coached by some of Canada’s best touring musicians, and pro’s from the business side as well.

Another great aspect is the learning and the networking that happens between bands. There nothing like going through this together with four or five other bands.

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7pm to 10pmSong and/or Stage Craft Performance Analysis
The first night is spent zero’ing in on the agenda for each band. Bands may want to focus on one song that will be an upcoming single release, and still needs work with pro level feedback. Bands might be preparing for an upcoming showcase or could be in preproduction for an EP release. Coaches assist in creating the agenda, and tailoring the weekend to ensure maximum benefit. The weekend is spent preparing for the Performance, live off the floor as the other bands watch. Each band gets private rehearsal studios, beverages on ice and snacks. Meals are not included.


11am to 4pmIntensive Live Workshop
Lunch Break
1pm – 6pmSong Writing or Band Sound Signature Development


11am to 4pmPR/Business Of Music Workshop
Lunch Break
1pm to 6pmSong and/or Stage Craft Workshop