The Circuit LITE

(Five Wednesdays)

At the kick off bands meet the crew and the coaches for the first time. The crew lays down the ground rules, the coaches talk shop and answer questions, and everyone enjoys an immersive night of music exploration. We talk about the next intensive five weeks, get familiar and discuss music business strategies, live performance, stage craft and recording. All bands are coached by some of Canada’s best touring musicians, and pro’s from the business side as well. One of the best aspects of The Circuit is the learning and the networking that happens between bands. There nothing like going through this together with four or five other bands.

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Week 1Song and/or Stage Craft Performance Analysis
The first rehearsal is spent zero’ing in on the agenda for the next ten weeks. You may want to focus on one song that will be your single on an upcoming record, and still needs work along with pro level feedback. You might be preparing for an upcoming showcase or you could be in preproduction for an EP release. Coaches will assist in creating your agenda, and tailoring the next ten weeks to ensure maximum benefit. The next three weeks are spent preparing for the Week Five Midway Live Workshop. Each band gets a private rehearsal studio, beverages on ice and a hot pizza every week.
Week 2Intensive Live Workshop
Week five is the first Live Show Workshop where the bands play live on stage and receive coaching in an open group format. It’s a safe environment, it’s forgiving, and it gives bands the chance to safely review stage craft, dynamics, test new songs in a live environment. It’s a great opportunity to watch other bands, listen to feedback other bands receive, and it’s great opportunity network with new musicians, and industry professionals. Bands use these events to meet other musicians and cement relationships with industry contacts.We also use this Live

Venue time to bring in professionals from the business side of the industry. These include Lawyers, Accountants, Public Relations people, label and publishing representatives, and more.
Week 3Song and/or Stage Craft Workshop
Week six is back at the Rehearsal Studio working through the feedback received from coaches in the week 5 Midway Live Workshop, and working toward your second Live Workshop in week seven.
Week 4PR/Business Of Music Workshop
Week seven is the second Live Performance in the this ten week circuit, where the bands play live on stage. This time the bands receive coaching in a community setting from the front of the stage with a panel of feature coaches!
Week 5Recording Session
Week eight is back at the Rehearsal Studio for the final rehearsal. Bands put the final touches on their material for the Week 10 Showcase and they select one song for a fully produced recording session at a world class studio. The best song is then readied for a “Best Tracks CD” which is mastered and given to each participant.


Showcases are not guaranteed, but top bands are selected for showcases from time to time.